Oh Mickey: Fashion brands and their Disney designs


From Mickey Mouse to Wonder woman, cartoons have been taking the fashion world by storm for decades.

But, more than ever, designers have gone Disney mad, with kitsch embellished T-shirts, dresses and bags. The 90’s nostalgia of cute teen logos is massive at the mo. Snoopy, Pokemon, Marvel and Mr Men, are also fashion show stars of late.

When Mickey Mouse debuted in 1928, he influenced fashion, interior design and art worlds. For his 88th birthday, Vogue celebrated the designers who had been inspired by the Disney character over the last two decades. Everyone who is anyone, ranging from Damien Hirst and Marc Jacobs, to Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana, are in the equation.

Five years ago, the artist Damien Hirst was invited by Disney to develop a piece inspired by Mickey Mouse. The result, “Mickey,” which recalled Hirst’s iconic spot paintings, was reproduced into a series of poster-size prints. In early 2014, Christie’s auctioned “Mickey” for just over $1.5 million, donating a portion of the proceeds to Kids Company, an organization that supports inner-city children in the U.K.

Which then led to the T-shirt version of “Mickey” to benefit the charity. The limited-edition tops were made available in black and white and in both adults and children’s sizes.

Marc Jacobs and Damien Hirst for Disney


The Rodnik Band are one of the many designers, who have teamed up with Disney. Their ‘GUESS WHO’ collection features Mickey Mouse as you have never seen him before.

The Rodnik Band


“Mickey Mouse is the ultimate playful, pop culture icon – his silhouette is instantly recognisable – and as an artist I was very excited to creatively engage with his image. I wanted to play with people’s perceptions, by hiding Mickey Mouse behind my pop icons and create a humorous creative dialogue between us, entertaining the viewer and making them think twice. Said THE RODNIK BAND founder Philip Colbert.

Little Shilpa


Perspex accessories in the form of Mickey’s mouse ears, designed by Mumbai designer Little Shilpa, for her Disney gone Grunge range, are a beautiful way of being a bit more abstract in Disney detail. The cut out tights remind us of the polka dots.

More mainstream teen cartoon fashion trends are marketed towards a younger audience and the designs especially popular in Asian countries. Where manga is the main moda and kitsch is their middle name. The fashion divas in Japan look sassy with their denim crops and animation print tees.

These are some of our favourite cartoon inspired designs:

Wonder Woman body by Urban Outfitters


Moschino Couture Pokemon


We are digging this cotton dress and Mickey jacket by Metersbonwe, China’s leaders in casual wear.


High street mainstream fashion brands such as Zara and Bershka have beautiful designs too.

This trend can be grunged up, or be as pretty and twee as you want.

fashion_week_streets_pfws4_ms17_076_hr  shanghai_shs20616_16sh_june0331_hr

Milaura shoes

What is your favorite Disney inspired design?

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