Nicola Ferlei-Brown

Nicola Ferlei-Brown is a writer and Art historian from London, specialising in Art/Architecture, Interiors, Lifestyle. 

After studying History of Art and Architecture at University, specifically the Florentine Renaissance, the road led her to Italy, where she is often found submerging herself in research, art and archaeology. Roaming around the Roman forums, or underneath them.

With an acute interest in the synergy of the old and the new and how they get along aesthetically. Luca Signorelli, Gucci or the Grand Tour, a love of art, fashion, design and all things divine, she couldn’t help but notice how so many other aspects of daily Italian life are steeped in history and beauty at every seam.

Her research has stretched across the board from Baroque to modern day city life, where she has written articles about everything from ancient mosaics to fashion, film and food, with published articles for various institutions and international journals. Respectful of all things cultural, new and exciting, as well as timeless relics of historical significance.

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