Zaha Hadid designs new Naples high-speed train station


zaha-hadid-naples-trainImages © zaha hadid architects

2016 was an exciting year for architecture and 2017 looks set to be no different as we anticipate the construction later this year of the long awaited Naples-Afragola train station. A sculptural cobra-like steel structure, which will interlink Naples to Rome.


The London based architect firm of the late Zaha Hadid are hoping that it will be more than just a train station and become a social hub, with piazzas, cafes and boutiques. The project began in 2003, but don’t book your train tickets just yet, because it won’t be open until 2018! The best things come to those who wait.

When the plans were first unveiled in 2003, who would have believed that it would take another 15 years to complete, but development was delayed due to budget concerns. Thankfully, the go ahead has been given after a recent meeting of the RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) the company who own Italy’s railway network.

The new station will be three kilometers north of the city centre, adding both a contemporary landmark to the ancient monuments of Naples as well as the beginning of a new redevelopment of the area. The project will beautifully form a gateway to Naples as a modern transport interchange that will connect the long awaited TAV high-speed trains.

Design wise, there is a sense of movement with the bridge that extends over the train tracks and its dynamic use of concrete and glass.


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