Aperitivo inside an ancient Roman stadium

Stadio-di-Domiziano    domitian 89

dom wear helmet   aperitivo culturale _stadio Domiziano_3


An aperitivo, in an ancient Roman stadium, underground. Feel like an archaeologist, with a glass of wine at this once in a lifetime opportunity, and recently uncovered site.

They say all roads lead to Rome, but in this case, roads lead underneath ancient Rome, to the hidden corners of the old city.

Sample ancient street food of Rome yesteryear, before entering an ancient stadium. Learn what the gladiators ate before shows, and the special wine reserved for the taste of victory, before being shown around the ruins.

The ancient stadium of Domitian (86 AD) is underneath Piazza Navona and has recently been excavated and restored.

Organised by Campagna Amica, who source local wine makers and olive oil producers to satisfy our taste buds whislt listening to an archaeologist recite some history.


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