AltaRoma Fashion Event, Rome

Renato Balestra dressRed carpet dresses donate a dose of modernism to Hadrian’s temple. Gowns fit for an Empress, the diva sets the mood of 2013’s AltaRoma exhibit at Hadrian’s Temple in Rome. 21st century Red Carpet class and nothing less. That’s the name of the game for Silvia Venturini Fendi, who is the brainchild behind this fab fashion installation comprising of 36 of Italy’s top designers and couture houses.

There is a mysterious element of suspense upon entering the temple, the virtual red carpet. A respectful silence as onlookers glare at the beaded masterpieces. Suspense is interrupted every 4 minutes with automated camera bulb flashlights, complete with sound effects, to make you feel as though you are on the catwalk itself, as you weave yourself in and out of the various mannequins who adorn centre stage with you. To complete this experience, or for a second feeling like a star amidst such stylistic individuality, is the sound effect of a non existent audience chit chattering away, content in their admiration.

To read the full article in Italy Magazine click here AltaRoma fashion event Rome

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