‘Restyling’ Antiquity: When Tod’s Restored The Colosseum’

Missoni David
Michelangelo’s David, wore a Missoni zig-zag bodysuit for a three month period in the meat packing district of New York, between 9th Avenue and 14th street, from July-September 2012.

This brilliant marketing tool was a result of the artistic collaboration between Luca Missoni and Spanish artist dEmo. Missoni’s nod to the past was a nostalgic homage with a modern twist. When old school meets new school and they shake hands, making art ‘work’ for fashion.

Fashion and antiquity have met on many a marketing occasion. Meanwhile in Italy, Diego Della Valle, the managing director of Tod’s, has donated 35 million euros to restore the Colosseum. Here, he is using fashions millions for a good cause, to help restore one of the most beautiful monuments in the world. Ok, this time the shoe is on the other foot as this is a donation from an Italian marketing mastermind for an architecturally worthy cause.

From cobbler to cobblestones

Work started last month. With the damage evident, 1940 years later..

To read the full article, click here..


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