Venice Mask Time 2014


What to wear to the ball..

Every year the excitement of the Venice Carnival is boosted by the diversity of its theme, which changes with every new edition. In 2014, “La Natura Fantastica” was the official theme, and childhood fables were the stars of the show. Each mask became a symbolic material trace of the mystery of fairy tales and myths, deploying an endless wealth of symbols and characters.

The most magical night of the Carnival is the “Mascheranda Masked Ball” at the Pisani Moretta Palace, dancing the Minuetto by candlelight in the most charming palace of Venice, facing the Grand Canal, surrounded by 18th century frescoes. Tragicomica sponsor the evening, which adds the touch of ‘before the stroke of midnight’ fairytale element, to the evening. With Venice comes an immediate spectacle of richness, colour and abundance which we continue to celebrate in 2014 through tradition.

The International Special Prize “La Natura Fantastica”, strongly supported by the Compagnia dei Mascareri Veneziani, awarded the best mask. The contest was opened to handcrafted masks coming from everywhere in the world, made with every possible material. A panel of experts and special guests presented the awards at a wonderful parade on the prestigious stage of the Gran Teatro of San Marco Square. The winner was “Princess for a day” by Enzo Sindoca. Here are some of the pictures of what we thought were the most impressive masks and costumes you could see while strolling around the Grand Canal in Venice this year.

Words and photos by Nicola Ferlei-Brown

Read the article @ Italy Magazine

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