Beauty and Bulgari

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Rome’s first film festival dedicated to fashion and beauty  

This weekend saw the 24th edition of AltaRoma, Rome’s fashion week. One of the many exciting events this year was dedicated to the teamwork of fashion and film in the era of the web, which has become one of the best mediums to market fashion.

ASVOFF: A Shaded View on Fashion Film – an event by Diane Pernet, international fashion icon and journalist, talent scout and video maker, worked with Bulgari in injecting the buzz into the 2014 event in the form of a video contest ‘Let Bulgari Dazzle Your Senses’. A tribute in the form of the exhibition ‘Diane Pernet, Shadows of an icon’, a  look at her life, brimming over with encouters, was an extension of the event.

Let Bulgari Dazzle Your Senses

Dedicated to fashion and beauty, a series of one minute short films, inspired by the coloured gems of Bulgari, were screened at Hadrian’s Temple, for Rome’s first annual international fashion and beauty film festival. Movies displayed against the backdrop of the ancient Roman temple, is pretty unbeatable in terms of mamma mia wowability.

Bulgari supported the event, demonstrting the brands close ties with Rome, a city where fashion and film interact. Stephane Gerschel, the International Communications Director of Bulgari, said: “Bulgari launched the theme of the contest of the Roman edition of ASVOFF to promote the work of video makers, directors and talents in the world of Fashion and Film, and to support the idea of Rome as the capital of young talents. The winning video will be given the possibility to feature in the celebrations marking Bulgari’s 130th anniversary.”

The weekend culminated with a special evening discussion hosted by Pernet on what she thinks of fashion and cinema.

When doesn’t Bulgari dazzle your senses!
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